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Winter "waist" Rao
2013-09-18 by seoer3

No matter how reincarnation alternating fashion, sexy theme seems to never be replaced, it will not change with the ups and downs with the seasons, always stand popular front. In the summer, through the summer interpretation of exposed skin naturally sexy. To the  cold winter, warm dress has become a top priority, was down jacket, cotton wrapped airtight when, only leaving waistline, will be able to enchanting sexy.
Slim cut so thick down jacket to get rid of bloated, carefully create a compact body lines, slim slender feeling just as much as summer dress. Splicing of different materials, so that it can have a pure black rich level. Fur fur collar, luxury and low-key. Chic wide girdle, create a seductive waistline.
Also fur fur collar, like corn hot curly look stylish trendy design is much less luxurious grace temperament also seemed a lot younger. Elastic waistband, and sketched out slim narrow belt   , let down jacket has become a wonderful models shaped curve. Waist design, coupled with high-heeled boots, reshape the golden ratio.
Originally relaxed silhouette, the beam waist on a freely adjustable drawstring, will be able to sexy with careless lazy lazy, there is a just Paowan lavender essential oil bath, wrapped in a bathrobe lovely time. Cute cute hooded fur collar, and soft beige to match up very harmonious.

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