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Diamond wheel which significance
2012-10-16 by seoer10

Diamond grinding wheel has what sense?
Diamond grinding wheel with what significance? Often used in our lives for a material such as diamond wheel, grinding wheel, however, whether it has particular relevance for what? First diamond wheel is used to undertake the abrasive layer, diamond grinding wheel and when used with the flange firmly clamped grinder spindle. The general metal bond products be of steel, alloy steel powder as matrix; the resin binder selection of aluminum alloy, electric wood substrate. By the processing of aluminum, steel, or Bakelite, and play a role of supporting the working layer and the loaded card abrasive. The the metal cutting wheel molding quality is good or bad and use level of accuracy are greatly matrix. More importantly, point diamond wheel not only high efficiency, high accuracy, and Roughness good, less abrasive consumption, long service life, and also to improve the working conditions. Therefore widely used in ordinary abrasive difficult to process low iron content of the metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials, such as cemented carbide, alumina ceramic, optical glass, agate gemstone, semiconductor materials, stone diamond wheel also has a lot of significance, may also be from other more angles to be understood.

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