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"Water Yi Yao ", " waistline " , if other people use these two words to describe you, be sure heart Intuit happy now ! I ask the woman does not like his slender waist incomparably it ? Do not cut down a time it does not matter , powerful belt can help you solve the embarrassing bucket waist , so you instantly have waistline .
Is handsome , or sweet ? Shoulder loops , loop sleeves , pockets and belt layers sliding scale hearty handsome personalized leather stitching will distribute thoroughly, double-breasted design is also fitted valiant general sense of the show thoroughly . Using rabbit it will be tough style texture quietly soften , mellow atmosphere is still moving tempted.
At first glance , the luxury introverted ; second eye , very elegant. Experience joy and smiles in style between his best style, suede sherpa collar and cuffs perfectly convey the lovely atmosphere , exquisite decorative belt stature also under Smart charming.
Lattice elements can be described as a mighty sweeping the globe , the closet is absolutely indispensable grid pattern of a single product . The classic color red gray plaid jacket consistent continuation of college style , gray coat will be slightly large flange even slightly out of mature charm ,  nonwoven belt  gently pushed the naive feeling , thought-provoking.
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