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What is ceramic CBN grinding wheel
2012-11-28 by seoer10

Ceramic CBN wheel, cubic boron nitride abrasives as raw materials, respectively, with a metal powder, a resin powder, sintered ceramic as binder into the various shapes of the abrasive used in industrial grinding, polishing, grinding. Such ceramic CBN grinding wheel to maintain the original high hardness of the ceramic wheel performance, low sintering temperature, high strength and toughness, dominated abrasive performance, heat, oil, water, acid and alkali, good self-sharpening, trimming, trimming the interval length, a uniform porosity, facilitate cooling, Paixie, etc.. In the grinding process is not blocked, does not burn the workpiece, the CBN wheel and the iron family element afford a chemical change, which was inert, reducing the degree of fatigue of the workpiece in grinding to increase the life of the workpiece, thereby improving the quality of the workpiece, roughness, efficiency and workpiece degree of automation, to achieve the purpose of reducing overall costs.cutting wheel

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