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Regrinding method
2012-12-19 by seoer10

Gun drill wear, the need for timely correct sharpening, sharpening must drill universal cutting disc tool grinder or on the special grinding machine guns mounted on special fixtures on sharpening the choice of particle size of about 120 resin diamond wheel for grinding after the blade surface, each time sharpening only grinding inner and outer corner. Must ensure that the correct geometry and cutting edge position.
1, the order must be raised when the gun drill diameter and tolerance (or hole diameter tolerances) as well as the full length of the gun drill.
Need to explain the shape and size of the material to be processed and gun drill shank.

Single carbide blade double-edged six-edge gun reamer introduced

Carbide gun reamer hole is an ideal finishing tool blade solid carbide or veneer structure, abrasive tools life and high accuracy, the dimensional accuracy of the machined hole up to more than H7, straightness < 0.1/1000mm, roundness ≤ 0.005mm, surface roughness ≤ Ra0.8um, widely used in machine tools, automobiles, aviation, engine and other industries.

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