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Belt grinding belt use high speed machining ring
2013-12-02 by seoer3
Grinding ring belt  PSA sanding disc  workpiece surface using high-speed operation. Generally on the belt grinder.
Belt around the pressure roller has a certain elasticity and tension wheel by pressing the rotary wheel drive for continuous cutting movement of the workpiece on the conveyor belt or workbench for feed motion when contact with the workpiece under pressure by belt or wheel when the grinding zone, he incurs belt rubbed off the surface layer of material. abrasive belt grinding cutting speed is generally 20 to 30 m / sec, the grinding pressure of 20 to 30 MPa. abrasive belt grinding effectively elimination of the rough surface, but not the grinding grooves and precise corner, suitable for processing flat surfaces and forming surfaces. grinding molding surface (eg turbine blade surface), can be used to match the type of surface of the workpiece molded or shaped contact wheel supporting plate, so that the workpiece between the flexible belt to maintain a uniform contact pressure (Figure 2). dimensional precision grinding belt is generally about 0.02 mm up to 3 m the fine-grained abrasive belt grinding, surface roughness up Ra1.25 ~ 0.16 microns.
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