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A Brief Analysis of the cutting wheel
2012-11-29 by seoer10

Are you familiar with this type of material for cutting wheel, whether it has what special characteristics? The grinding wheel, when the guide wheel hand what can be inserted into the bearing, and then work the finish is very bad, because the guide wheel loose. Two sets of copper in the guide wheel To change how long, ah, and I go after the high-speed copper sleeve cover risk Riga grease and then cover the risk twist down after oil is simply not on the inside, at the same time cutting wheel will finish and bearing with copper sets the gap, the guide wheel and the bearing clearance related? Normal gap, installed how to handle high-speed cutting wheel guide wheel grease always squeezed out from the guide pulley is why cutting wheel bearings specifications must comply with the requirements of the guide wheel when the guide, installation guide wheel round hand can be inserted into the bearing is normal. finish very bad also has a great relationship with the machine's high-frequency circuits. High speed grease is always squeezed out from the guide wheel - no need to inject too much high-speed grease, bearing both sides of the top coat a little to lubrication and water above the relevant information about the process of cutting wheel.

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