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Cross-grinding is a common type of grinding
2013-01-10 by seoer10

Cross-grinding is a common type of grinding: P3, P5 and P9. P3 drill point angle of 135 °, P5 is 118 °, and P9 is a cobalt-based cemented carbide made of P3 drill, drill point angle is 135 °. Cross grinding drill good self centering performance, for example, the formation of a 0.05mm ~ 0.2mm drill core thickness 6.35mm ~ 12.7mm diameter drill bit, Phillips grinding, like needlepoint, self-centering.

Choiniere, the Superion company manager, said that in order to drill holes in the raised surface, usually on the bit to make a self-centering tip point to ensure the cusp first contact with the workpiece to the drill bit diameter, that is, if the operator to tilt 15 ° convex surface drilling, then the angle of inclination of the cutting edge of all the drill must be greater than 15 °, so that the drill bit tip of the first contact with the workpiece surface, otherwise, the operator must make use of the relatively flat end cutting edges of the tool (such as end milling the first milling cutters), generally greater than 6 ° slant drilling application endmills, pre-processing, prevents drilling offset or cited biased.abrasive wheel

According to Geske introduction, select the depth of the drill bit and drilling. Because this will affect the type of drill bit (such as the drill bit is conventional channel-shaped, or parabolic trough). Recommend using parabolic trough hole depth is greater than four times the diameter of the drill bit. Wide trench, allowing faster cutting speed and a larger hole depth.grinding wheel

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