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Tungsten the abrasive belt saw blade
2013-01-30 by seoer10
Tungsten the abrasive belt saw blade and diamond (sand) with the difference between the different characteristics of the saw blade?
The tungsten the sand band saw (blade) compared to the advantages of carbide band saw or diamond with
A. carbide saw with:
A * saw superhard metal, an alloy
Carbide saws with usually three teeth per inch. Sawing size of less than 2 inches (50mm) of the hard metal or alloy, and each tooth to withstand the power will be too large, resulting in tooth fracture. Breaking a tooth, the whole band saw will be scrapped. The wolfram Saw with hundreds into the the sawing teeth, therefore good cutting tool.
* Sawing reinforced composite material
Many composites contain advanced reinforced material, such as glass fiber, Kevlar fiber, ceramics, cutting wheel and Nuomeikesi polyamide. They may contain different brands of resin, or a laminate of different materials. These reinforcing material will make jagged to pull off. The composite material itself is very abrasive, even Carbide Saw band may be worn not sharp. Rubber tires containing metal wire, the traditional serrated will be pulled off.
* Sawing material containing pores
Saw engine, gas flow meter and other industrial heat exchangers, the saw blade is needed in these sawing was in the hole in the back and forth. Serrated to the sink hole, when it encounters a very rigid cross section, and its location is too low, abrasive disc,will be exposed to great force, causing the tooth portions pulled off.
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