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The ceramic diffusion diamond grinding lab report
2012-10-17 by seoer10
The coarse grinding composite piece cylindrical ceramic diamond wheel and fine grinding composite piece cylindrical None is material resolutions in the the diamond abrasive resolution ceramic diffusion diamond grinding, dispersing agent, dispersing agent prepared to work, the application of diffusion agent development launched core grinding ceramic grinding wheel.
Its main common and experimental consequences are summarized below:
1. Development the diamond abrasive cryogenic experiment stubborn, create above 700 ℃, the diamond abrasive erosion reaction in the atmosphere atmosphere, diamond abrasive damage; diamond abrasive low temperature heat the extent of damage and the ranking of the diamond abrasive, The particle size related to the same temperature, ranking lower, the finer the particle size, the higher the degree of thermal damage to the diamond abrasive by; engineer altered sintering of diamond abrasive work to reduce the low temperature of 750 ℃ ??thermal damage. Common thermal stubborn resistance and polycrystalline diamond compact diffusion diamond abrasive grinding selected the type Ⅱ diamond as abrasive grinding compound piece ceramic cutting wheel.
2. Diamond abrasive heat stubborn, bound to a wheel firing temperature and diffusion agent refractoriness range, the application generates erosion was calmly sensible response to the development of of several erosion was firing temperature of the grinding wheel and diamond abrasives Appreciation bound to the proliferation of chemical composition of the agent. Actual inevitable based on glass organ content of each component in the proliferation of agents, the inevitable proliferation of formulations and practical in raw production of wealth.
3. The diffusion Preparation workmanship. Smelting prepared ceramic diffusion agent, inevitable work process of diffusion agent prepared to explore the impact of different heating curve smelting diffusion agent function to create when the proliferation of agents originally guessed crystal water and easy to break down the energy in its decomposition temperature decomposition pure and then rose to the smelting temperature, diffusion agent made only functions stubborn;, and the development of functional tests proliferation of agents, smelting diffusion agents refractoriness low (580-630 ℃), hot shortening coefficient (7.2-8.0 ~ * 10 ~ (-6) ℃ ~ (-1)), high flexural strength (45-58MPa), of diamond abrasive grip strength, proper production grinding polycrystalline diamond compact diamond grinding wheel with ceramic diffusion agent.
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