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Polishing and grinding materials
2012-09-12 by seoer10

 For enterprises engaged in polishing and grinding materials research, cutting disc, processing, polishing and grinding materials varieties which is very ordinary thing in the world.

        Polishing and grinding materials are: 1, an epoxy resin, and some also polyethylene drunk condensing formaldehyde resin, a polyamide resin or poly-vinegar, reinforced phenolic resin economy; 2, the kind of asphalt, bitumen, primarily for low throwing and aperture should do best is also used for asphalt polishing; fixation abrasive blades solid foothold throw material polishing, add water to polishing; polyurethane foam polishing materials, PU , this polish is mainly divided into two, namely polyester and polyether two categories;, the coumarone mixed cutting and grinding disc, namely beans ketone resin; 6, asphalt polishing (black bitumen); 7, black felt and yellow blankets.

         With the use of polishing and grinding materials in the industry, its increasingly wide range of application areas.

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