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New domestic business tool changes need to seek a new way forward
2012-11-09 by seoer10

Officially ended the 11th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMES) It is understood by the impact of national policies, the cutting disc  industry development in the first half of this year is very slow, the majority of enterprises at a loss, but there are some enterprises claimed to have not been affected sales amount even in a state of growth.

According to the Chengdu Tool Co., Ltd., the person in charge of business turnover in the first half of this year, down about 50%, especially in CNC tool down the most powerful. To this end, the company also sought to expand the foreign market share, the company has occupied a certain market share in India, Russia, Turkey, and in the promotion of national policies to encourage exports, development and opening up foreign markets to ease domestic tension situation become a new development trend in the future.

As two years ago just Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., independent subsidiary - Chengdu High-tech Material Co., Ltd., Greentech, is also facing a lot of pressure after the adjustment of national policies, such as the regulation of the real estate industry is the leading home appliance The air conditioning industry, the market downturn in the air conditioning industry abrasive tools sales accounted for 20% of the entire appliance industry, but only do 4% in the first half of this year, the terminal lower prices, material prices, the company began to adjust its business model philosophy, and gradually the emphasis on enterprise products and brand publicity, to take the initiative, and strive to find a customer base of more.

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