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Base paper manufacturing enterprises the status quo
2012-12-18 by seoer10
Sandpaper paper a special industrial paper market is relatively narrow, the amount is not less than 20,000 tons, the annual domestic market, with the accelerated process of China's industrialization, greater growth in recent years, but due to the special requirements of sandpaper paper, grinding wheel,market profits little space, the state little paper R & D and technical support, several state-run paper manufacturers originally planned economy completely disintegrated, closure or conversion, base paper production enterprises depleted, papermaking equipment production capacity is only Hubei Haifeng Paramount Paper, Paper Jiangxi several enterprises such as supporting the development of the industry.
Above the base paper production enterprises can basically meet the sandpaper manufacturers to select the paper needs, especially heavyweight belt paper latex paper, the original all rely on imports, the current domestic production of some products can basically replace imported. Of super-heavy production of ultra-precision grinding sandpaper paper paper-based belt paper, there is a certain gap between the process equipment with foreign, yet can not meet the requirements of coated abrasives production enterprises need to accelerate innovation, enhance research and development capabilities and manufacturing standards.cutting wheel
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