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Description of shop rolling gates
2013-08-17 by seoer3

Shop by curtain plate rolling gates, rail, transmission, rolling door motor and electrical control systems and other components, with innovative design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, wind, fire, smoke, flexible opening and closing, smoke, temperature sense detector and fire alarm system linkage, the case of the fire can be achieved when the automatic control. shop roll gates for various industrial and civil buildings fire district, the case of a fire, you can cut and prevent flame spread and reduce losses, fight fire rescue time. Products according tostandard production, the national fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire Component Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to test its technical performance has reached national advanced level of similar products.
Technical performance 1, according to  judgment, refractory time 180 minutes or more, completeness undamaged;
2, according to , measured at a distance of 3 m pieces of radiant heat is measured at 0.53W / m
3, the strength test, resistance to wind pressure 120 curtain plate B = 3m, midspan deflection ≤ 60mm
4, according to , opening and closing speed 2.5 - 6.5m/min

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