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Sanding rolls exposition
2013-08-23 by seoer3
For broadloom sanding, the brush roller has more advantages. The brush roll can do unlimited length, but also other traditional abrasives balancing check brush roll can not match. More importantly, if other brush roller, encountered a mechanical damage
Injury, brush roll scrap and cause considerable damage, while using the brush roll will never completely scrapped phenomenon. (4) The grinding brush roll (commonly known as carbon fiber sanding rolls) imported from Germany abrasive wire brush plate can be quickly replaced, when sanding abrasive filaments were flexible contact with the fabric, grinding force, the role of soft, fabric sanding roll hair short and uniform, delicate and soft, fabric strength decreased slightly, difficult to produce a common sand paper roller stripes, a bump on the surface texture of the fabric is unique.
The grinding roller adopts advanced flocking technology, good stability, do not shed, no deformation, high strength, good balance, completely avoid the traditional brush roller mill problems arising.
The brush roll has been used for more than one Rafah sanding machine, the effect is quite good
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