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What Brushed Fleece fabric, this fabric sweater quality right
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sanding roll refers to sand or metal rollers roll in the fabric surface friction ; different fabrics using different combination mesh sand paper , sanding to achieve the desired effect . General principle is that the high count yarn mesh sand paper using a high and low yarn with low mesh sand paper . Sand Paper roll with forward and reverse purposes , generally used only odd sand paper roller. Sand Paper sanding effect influence factors are: sanding roller speed , vehicle speed, body moisture regain cloth , coated angle , tension, etc. ; Fleece is a wire bent into a certain angle into the yarn inside the needle , hook the fiber , formation of hairiness ; and napping is a meaning different saying it ; different fabrics using different needle, and a round tip of the points, in general, of cotton with a pointed , hairy like a round ; factors are: speed , pin cloth roll speed , the number of needle rollers , moisture regain , tension , needle fabric density , needle bending angle , yarn twist , pre-treatment using additives ; brush-like bristles is the use of roll in the fabric surface bristles sweep ; different fabrics and processed using different brush roller , there bristle brush, wire brush, wire brush carbon , ceramic fiber brush . Simple processing using bristle brush , such as a brush before singeing cloth ; wire brush generally require intense napped fabrics , such as knitted velvet ; carbon wire brush is used for high-grade cotton fabric , surface treatment requires fine ; processing requirements more the use of fine ceramic fibers. Factors: the number of brush roll , speed, stiffness wire brush , wire brush fineness wire brush density. Sanding process equipment used is sanding machine, using sand paper , carbon , ceramic, etc. The fabric roller micro -fiber yarn mill , forming the surface of the villi results, compared to the nap of products , sanding short villi dense, hair feeling very delicate, specific products are sanding drill, sanding poplin, peach skin and the like , and some sanding product look hair feeling is not obvious, but the feel is drastically improved ; bristles mainly corduroy dedicated process , because corduroy surface tissue of the villi is to cut the weft , the yarn through the bristles break up and form a cohesion of cashmere , the equipment used is brushing machine , generally equipped with a stiff brush and a 6-8 8-10 blocks Article crawler soft brush , thick corduroy need to go through after the bristles after brushing machine in addition to hard and soft brush outside comes with wax plates, in the process while giving fluff brush wax is shiny cashmere corduroy , so after brushing machine , also known as waxing machine .
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