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How to identify is sanded or brushed
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sanding roll  , also known as buffing . A sand roller ( or belt ) to grind the surface of the fabric layer of dense short fuzz process called buffing , sanding known . Make weft yarn while producing fluff and fluff short and dense . Suede flat, full, soft , rich velvety , soft gloss , no aurora. Sanding is to improve the general style and feel of the fabric , making more plump and supple , more comfortable to wear . Brushed There are many types , such as ordinary sanding, sanding , etc. Water
Shearing : Shearing is worsted and woolen fabrics watering can go through the process , the purpose is to make it clear surface worsted fabric , textured clear , gloss enhancement ; make woolen fabric suede flat , soft .
Bristles : fabric shearing required before and after the bristles . Before shearing bristles are removed from the fabric surface and bulk fiber impurities and make fiber tip erected to facilitate shearing ; bristles after shearing cut short in order to remove lint and bobbles and combing hair, improve fabric appearance .
Brushed refers to sand or metal rollers roll in the fabric surface friction ;
Different fabrics with different mesh sand paper combination , to achieve the desired sanding effect . General principle is that the high count yarn mesh sand paper using a high and low yarn with low mesh sand paper . Sand Paper roll with forward and reverse purposes , generally used only odd sand paper roller.
Sand Paper sanding effect affecting factors : Brushed roller speed , vehicle speed, cloth body moisture regain , coating angle , tension, etc. ;
Fleece is angled wire bent needle is inserted inside the yarn , hook the fibers to form hairiness ; and napping is a meaning different versions only ;
Different fabrics using different needle, and a round tip of the points, in general, the use cotton tip , hairs of a round ;
Factors are: speed , pin cloth roll speed , the number of needle rollers , moisture regain , tension , needle fabric density , needle bending angle , yarn twist , pre-treatment using additives ;
Is the use of brush-like bristles bristles sweep roller surface of the cloth ;
Different fabrics and processed using different brush roller , there bristle brush,
Wire brush, wire brush carbon , ceramic fiber brush .
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