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Brushed cotton fabric is what a fabric
2013-11-12 by seoer3
Cotton fabrics  sanding roll  process after years of development , towards the sanding gives new upscale feel and style , the fabric surface villi finer, more dense, more uniform , shorter hairs in the direction of the effect , similar to delicate , smooth , comfortable peach skin texture , which is generally known as such processing as imitation peach skin finishing . 1.1 Process mechanism in multi-roll roller surface sanding machine , coated on high mesh emery paper ( 180 mesh 240 mesh or 400 mesh ) , made ​​of sanding roller. At high speed , the sanding roller coated by sand paper on which the random arrangement of close contact with the fabric grain , and the abrasive blade sharp angle out first fiber yarn , cut into lmm monofilamentous around with sanding continues, the single ground fluff fibers and yarns are curled so that the original grinding into flat , so that the products meet the peach effect . At present, China uses more horizontal sanding machine is 5 rolls . According to different customers specifications and requirements cloth varieties of peach skin effect , flexible sanding rolls deployment of production to meet customer requirements .
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