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Grinding grinder wheel cutting characteristics
2012-10-10 by seoer10

Use a grinding wheel cutting grinder features are as follows:

    (1) Since the heat resistance of the cutting wheel  abrasive itself has high hardness, and therefore can be machined to a high hardness materials such as hardened steel, carbide, etc..

    (2) grinding wheel grinder characteristics determine the grinding process system for uniform micro-cutting, general ap = 0.001 ~ 0.005mm; grinding speed is very high, generally up to v = 30 to 50 m / s; good grinder stiffness; hydraulic transmission the grinding can be economically obtain high machining accuracy (it6 ~ it5) of small surface roughness (Ra = 0.8 to 0.2 μm). One of the main methods of grinding parts finishing.

    (3) Due to the intense friction of the grinding zone temperature is very high. This will cause the workpiece to produce stress and deformation, and even cause surface burns. Grinding injected a large amount of coolant to reduce the grinding temperature. The coolant also from the BTA-lubricating effect.

    (4) grinding the large radial force. This will cause the machine - grinding wheel - workpiece system flexibility concession, the actual depth of cut is less than the nominal depth of cut. Grinding to be completed should not feed for light grinding to eliminate errors.

    (5) self-sharpening: abrasive grinding blunt, grinding force gradually increases, causing abrasive broken or off and re-exposed sharp edge features. The self-sharpening of the grinding head to work correctly within a certain time, after a certain time required professionals to manual trimming, to prevent the increase in the grinding force to cause vibration, noise and damage the workpiece surface.

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