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Acidproof stainless steel ductility and toughness are large, the main problems in the drilling is not easily chip breaking, influence the flow of cutting fluid, the cutting zone of high temperature, low degree of tool life, low productivity. During drilling, the cutting load is large, the formation of the chip to consume a lot of energy, coupled on the kind of stainless steel of high temperature strength and high hardness, drill cuttings in the cut away easily broken; cold-hardening at the same time is very serious degree of surface hardening up to 100% or more, the hardened layer thickness of 0.1 ~~ 0.2mm. Small coefficient of thermal conductivity of acidproof stainless steel, carbon steel 1/3 to 1/4, the high temperature of the cutting zone, with a strong affinity interaction of other metals and materials in the presence of hard particles, exacerbated by the abrasive tools wear.

In order to solve the problems of acid-resistant stainless steel drilling chip breaking, the development of new drill acid stainless steel diamond chip breaking group, use it when drilling swarf was "fireworks" like discharge from the hole about 100mm long, the chip-breaking results are quite satisfactory.

This chip key in the drilling process is: to make points crumbs point in the critical points crumbs status; appropriate grind drill tip height (h = 0.05D ~ 0.07D) and arc radius (R = 0.2D); L1 = 1.7 ~ 3.3 mm position should be selected appropriately, and with a suitably large amount of feed and a lower cutting speed, so that the chip in the state of oblique screwing broken.cutting wheel

The use of acid-resistant stainless steel chip breaking drilling drilling should be used to lower the cutting speed and the large amount of feed, is conducive to the realization of the chip breaking.

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CNC machine tools flexible and multi-functional tool development portfolio processing machining a significant feature.

Figure 2 shows a multifunction Cutters (Kennametal) processing schematic diagram, which may be completed cars cylindrical face and boring work. Multifunctional OCTACOT cutter developed by Japan's Mitsubishi octagonal blade circular blade can be installed in machining centers, milling plane, groove, velcro disc,steps, chamfers, contouring and ramps and other processing.
In addition, it is also using some of the special structure of the tool, such as tool and with a high-pressure heat pipe cooling channel tool to reduce the temperature of the cutting zone, improve tool life.

The hot tube turning the heat pipe surface milling also unique, their structure is basically the same as with ordinary cylindrical turning tool and carbide face milling, the difference is a single turning tool shank or cutter knife teeth the internal made a heat pipe.abrasive wheel

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