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Note polishing and grinding materials
2012-09-16 by seoer10

     Walking in the street for nearly half of the cars, and more and more families now have a car for the care and maintenance of the car is very popular. Polishing and grinding materials technology to polish the car, you should note the following:

    1, should be preceded by polishing dewaxing washing liquid abrasive of the body surface clean and dry before polishing operation (dry polishing).
    2, polishing avoid gimmicks as the hands of the operating range should be as large as possible, and at the same time a large cross standing.
    Polished parts as far as possible not to wipe, and should be directed to the next step of the waxing process.
    4, for the vehicle body paint slightly oxidized without grinding wheel, and polishing treatment can be directly carried.
    5, after the new paint polished to ensure good protection the polished bodywork should be timely waxing or Fu Yan. Polishing and grinding disc materials

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