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Must correct selection
2013-01-13 by seoer10
Must correct selection and use of abrasive polishing glass edge polishing process. First to use glass edging machine types and models to determine the selection of the type of abrasive polishing. The same type of milling machine, polishing abrasive polishing effect and life will vary due to the good or bad quality, the level of accuracy. Secondly, you want to check whether the diamond rough grinding wheel and fine grinding wheel used to select the appropriate. If coarse diamond size diamond coarse grinding wheel and Abode grinding wheel, abrasive polishing difficult to diamond grinding wheel grinding traces completely throw away, it will affect the polishing abrasive consumption, reduce its life. Third, according to the glass edge processing requirements, brightness requirements, to select the applicable suitable abrasive polishing, in order to achieve that meet the processing requirements, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency,standard abrasives, but also play a role. Finally, to comply with the norms of grinding and polishing, polishing abrasive prior to installation should be carefully examined whether there was a schism; installation, the application of a diameter not less than the polishing abrasive one-third of the diameter flange fastening; polishing abrasive use speed shall not exceed the provisions of the linear velocity of the security work; than dedicated to the end face of the abrasive polishing, abrasive end face work is prohibited; cooling water flow should be sufficient; operate in accordance with safety procedures Edger, select the appropriate head The length of the working pressure and the glass and the traveling speed; the abrasive polishing during storage should prevent cold and damp, cut off wheel and should not be in contact with the bases, otherwise it will affect the strength of abrasive polishing and polishing.
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