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China Diamond Saw anti dumping
2012-09-19 by seoer10
Responding to the tariff of 20.72% not responding to 164.09% of the tariff
Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce published the final results of the anti-dumping originating in China cutting disc. U.S. Department of Commerce determined that Chinese manufacturers and exporters in the U.S. market price of less than normal value the product concerned originating in China Diamond Saw the dumping margin of 2.5% -164.09%. Anti-dumping investigation application lists 23 of dumping the list of enterprises, Quanzhou, there are five companies involved.
It is understood that the Quanzhou Zhongzhi Long two companies to actively participate in responding to obtain the average rate of 20.72% in the final ruling, but not to participate in responding to the three company's tax rate is 164.09%. It can be said that the two companies have achieved victory in the anti-dumping battle can continue to open up foreign markets, and that three companies have become the biggest loser.
The respondent may obtain low-tariff
In recent years, with the constant expansion of foreign trade volume, domestic exports suffered the anti-dumping cases are constantly increasing. Anti-dumping, become export products around open an roadblocks. Furniture, footwear, textiles to diamond saw blades, many enterprises in Quanzhou has also been subjected to foreign anti-dumping allegations. The face of foreign anti-dumping allegations Practice has proved that: the respondent is not responding very different results.
The so-called anti-dumping, is that when a country's products into the market of another country (ie, dumping) less than normal value price, and importing countries similar products industry to cause substantial damage or threat of a causal relationship between dumping and injury, the importing States anti-dumping duties to offset or prevent dumping, may be imposed does not exceed the margin of dumping of the product behavior.
Chinese enterprises are facing the main reason for anti-dumping issues, on the one hand, some domestic enterprises, the existence of competing prices of individual export dumping actions, disrupting the markets of importing countries; but more important in some countries to turn the anti-dumping instrument of trade protectionism.
Anti-dumping issues, the staff of the Fair Trade Bureau of Quanzhou Foreign Economic Trade Bureau that the respondent there is the possibility of low tariffs, not the respondent is tantamount to a waiver of the prosecuting State will take the high tariffs.grinding wheel
It is understood that the reason why some companies do not participate in anti-dumping, because the enterprise exports, while responding to the higher cost, businesses do not want the money. Importing countries to impose anti-dumping duties will normally be continuous implementation of five years, even if the current export small enterprises within five years will be how to develop is uncertain. Moreover, such a large market in the United States, if you give up is a great pity. "The the Jushi diamond tools company in charge of anti-dumping matters.
Quanzhou Foreign Economic Trade Bureau official said the anti-dumping results proved once again that, in the face of U.S. anti-dumping investigation on my product, as long as the enterprise seriously, actively responding to employ anti-dumping lawyer of extensive professional experience, and seriously do responding to all aspects of good work against me "non-market economy status" under the conditions of the ideal of ruling.
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