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Production technology sandpaper
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   Abrasive sand paper called A material for polishing, in the original paper from sticking various abrasive grit. The ring of the product
Sandpaper on the application of environmental requirements for the paper is a paper tough, wear-resistant folding, and good water resistance, glass sand, etc.
Abrasive materials such as gum adhesive with adhesive on paper, after drying. Generally speaking, sandpaper commonly used to grind metal,
Wood and other surfaces to clean smooth it.
Sandpaper production techniques are generally divided into two categories, the first one: mechanical polishing, glass polishing wheel fitted with a polishing machine,
Dipped in glass polishing powder on the glass surface polishing, polishing the same operation process with other. The second: Chemical polishing: Use of
Learn liquid on the glass surface is polished, the operation process, there are two, soak the piece of glass cell method that is soaked in a liquid
Pool 2 to 3 hours and finally cleaned, polished and simultaneously on both sides for a glass immersion method or a glass-sided polished surface is not sticky
Protective film, the edge with adhesive tape from a block waterside, flat glass after glass surface of the liquid down in the depth of not less than 3 mm
M and as uniform as possible, 2 to 3 hours to finally clean.
Among them, the water mill sandpaper sandpaper, it's a smaller gap between the sand, very fine grind is also smaller, and with water
Fines will use flowing out, so to use with water, take water  sandpaper  dry grinding mince words will remain in the sand
Gap, so that the surface becomes light sandpaper to reach its present some effect, but not so troublesome dry sandpaper.

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