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Diamond tools Yan Angeles Standard
2012-10-19 by seoer10

'Yan Angeles Standard', diamond tools, Ezhou Yan Angeles is the birthplace of diamond tools in China; the release of China's national diamond tool production standards 'Yan Angeles standards', that is, by the State Ezhou City Technical Supervision a standard Yan Angeles based on its formulation. Yan Angeles town was known as the 'Chinese diamond tools town'. Yan Angeles Town, the diamond industry from scratch, to grow and develop, diamond tools, both within and outside the famous province, diamond tools work now more than twenty provinces and cities across the country. 2009, 'Ezhou diamond tools work' was named the province's 10 major labor brands, Yan Angeles town 'Chinese diamond tools town'. 120 Yan Angeles people there is a diamond tool business owners, Yan Angeles to repatriate the funds each year over 20 billion yuan.

Today, Diamond Industrial Park, Yan Angeles, has a collection of more than 100 enterprises, which involves a large number of diamond industry high-tech professionals, is a set of diamond saw blades, grinding wheel, drill bits, graphite mold, abrasive tools,saw the matrix, metallurgy powder diamond single crystal, stone processing diamond tools products development, mass production and sales of the diamond industry cluster.

Up to now, 70% of informal enterprises have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and more than 90 percent of enterprises in accordance with the standard organization of production, the two companies won the title of 'Hubei brand'. As of the end of last year, 412 Ezhou diamond tool industry cluster total enterprise, employing 2.86 million people, diamond tool cluster sales of 3.836 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 234 million yuan, were an increase of more than 25%. These data give the town a lot of changes.

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