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Tool industry in CNC machine tools has become the mainstream of the manufacturing equipment
2012-10-22 by seoer10

Tool industry in CNC machine tools has become the mainstream of the manufacturing equipment, to shoulder the important task of providing key equipment CNC tool manufacturing industry. The manufacturing processing tool industry, the overall level of technical level, the development of the manufacturing sector will also promote the development of the tool industry. Multifunction tool, high-speed and efficient tool will become the mainstream of the development of the tool, the face of the growing number of difficult to machine materials, the abrasive tools industry must improve the tool material, research and development of new cutting tool materials and a more rational tool structure.

1, an increase in carbide materials and coating applications. Fine particles, ultrafine particles cemented carbide material is the development direction; nano-coating, the gradient structure coating and a new structure material coating will greatly improve the tool to use performance; the physical coating (PVD) applications continue to grow.

2, increased application of new cutting tool materials. The toughness of ceramics, metal ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN and PCD cutting tool materials to further enhance the growing number of applications.

3, cutting technology rapid development. The high-speed machining, hard machining, dry cutting continue its rapid development in the rapidly expanding range of applications.

4, the tool developed more targeted. The focus of the research and development of the cutting wheel  manufacturer is no longer a generic brand and generic structure. The face of complex applications and processing conditions, the research and development of more targeted insert geometry structure, grades and corresponding supporting tool to replace the common trough, grades blades and knives.

5, the changing role of the tool manufacturer. From a simple tool production, supply, extended to the development of new cutting process and the corresponding set of technologies and solutions development, to provide users with comprehensive technical support and service.

6, the degree of information technology to improve, tool manufacturing enterprise cooperation enhanced and intensified market competition. Beiping Machine Tool professional production tool grinder, universal tool grinder, drill grinding machine, cutter grinding machine, wire-tapping and grinding machines and other equipment.

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