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The structure of the surface grinder grinding movement
2012-10-26 by seoer10
Many different types of grinding machines, minor surface grinder, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, Almighty cylindrical grinder (mill hole), gear grinding, thread grinding machine, rail grinding, no intention of grinding machine (grinding cylindrical) and object grinder (grinding tool). Introductions surface grinder movement here.
Structure of a surface grinder (the M seventy-one 20A, for example, where: M - grinder machine tools; July 1 - horizontal spindle and rectangular desktop surface grinder; 20 - countertops width of 200 sister; A - a significant improvement.)
(A) wheel rack - Install wheel and launched a grinding wheel for high-speed changes, wheel rack along the the dovetail slide rails for manual or hydraulic horizontal gap movement.
(2) slide - wheel rack installed and launched the the wheel frame along column guide for up and down movement.
(C) column - bearing slide and cutting wheel  frame.
(4) table - installation work by the hydraulic system driven approach reciprocating linear motion.
(5) bed - supporting the table, install other components.
(6) the coolant system - to the grinding zone to provide the coolant (saponification oil).
(Vii) The hydraulic drive system - its composition:
a dynamic components - pumps, pressure oil supply hydraulic drive system;
b. performing components - fuel tank, launched workstations and other parts movement;
c Control element - for the various valves, control pressure, speed, direction, or the like;
d arm the help components - such as the fuel tank, pressure gauge.
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