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Electroplated diamond grinding wheel
2012-11-25 by seoer10

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel advantages:
① plating process is simple, less investment, ease of manufacture;
(2) without trimming, and easy to use;
③ monolayer structure determines it can achieve high operating speed, currently abroad, has been as high as 250 to 300m / s;
④ Although only a single layer of diamond, but there is still enough life;
⑤ For high accuracy, a high roller wheel, electroplating unique manufacturing method. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel due to these advantages, plating wheel high-speed, ultra-high-speed grinding occupy undisputed dominance. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel memory defects: coated metal substrate and abrasive combination of surface is not kept firmly chemical metallurgy combination abrasive actually only be mechanically entrapped mosaic coating metal, thus gripping force, diamond particles heavier load efficient grinding easy to fall off (or into the coating flaking), leading to an overall failure; coating thickness must be increased in order to increase the holding force, the results abrasive bare the height of chip space is reduced, the grinding wheel is prone to clogging, the cooling effect is poor, the workpiece surface is prone to burn. Domestic electroplated grinding wheel manufacturing is not yet optimized design cutting wheel topography, these inherent disadvantages of the single-layer electroplated diamond grinding wheel will be significantly limit its efficient grinding applications required by the processing conditions.

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