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esin grinding wheel some related commentary
2012-11-26 by seoer10

I believe this kind of material for grinding wheel in our life does not feel strange, then for this type of material, whether it has what particularly related commentary, resin grinding wheel is what kind of material? See the following description.
The resin wheel is a demand for larger tools. It is the use of terephthalic acid and a polyamide or other resin as a binder, the glue a tool by the diamond or cubic boron nitride millbase with an inorganic filler. This tool is being effectively used in a variety of grinding operation, such as surface grinding, cylindrical centerless grinding, grooving and inner circle grinding. For the resin wheel not only has the above characteristics, while the more important point is that the resin grinding wheel also has an organic binding agent, such a binding agent manufacturing a high strength of the cutting wheel, has a certain flexibility, low heat resistance, self-sharpening , making simple and short process cycle. The above is a brief introduction of lower resin grinding wheel process.

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