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Our the tool industry independent research and development
2013-01-05 by seoer10

Our the tool industry independent research and development and innovation capability compared with foreign countries there is a big gap

First, carbide grade as the main tool material development and foreign products have a larger gap, the impact on the overall cutting levels improve. Currently, only Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd, Chengdu Tool Research Institute and a few individual unit grades performance of foreign products, and the the new grades innovation and upgrade slow, our wide range of large general machining industry cutting levels are generally at a low speed, inefficient state.

In coating technology, in addition to Chengdu Tool Research Institute developed a coating technology and equipment, we lack basic theoretical research, and the lack of development of application technology and equipment industry basically take the imported equipment, the introduction of a technology road.grinding wheel

Third, the tool structure innovation, is basically empty, our original tool products, it is difficult to find in the last year, the CIMT 2005 International Machine Tool Exhibition. The reason is also the main body of the tool industry in China is still in the mode of production of traditional standard tool. Universal standard tool of production output value still account for the vast majority of the major tool company.DC wheel

The backwardness of our cutting technology and tool, also reflected in the structure of the tool industry in China, the only individual in our tool company really has two core technologies of carbide tool materials and coatings, most tool factory lack of carbide materials item core technology, some Tool Factory introduction of coating equipment, but does not have the ability to develop, restricting tool company further expand and strengthen.

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