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Lean diamond tools to prevent the clogging of the grinding wheel
2013-03-29 by seoer3

Grinding wheel clogged fear of superhard materials including diamond tools manufacturing industry are very troublesome thing, and let us know what the grinding wheel clogged formed before a better solution to the congestion problems.
The first grinding  wheel wear debris accumulation of the grinding process is not very much qualitative factors, the most important is the removal of a certain amount of material in order to obtain better quality and higher precision grinding wheel, grinding time is long, you will find large part will be filled wheel gas round the circle attached to the grinding wheel, causing clogging of the grinding wheel, resulting in loss of precision. Blockage so formed.
To distinguish the type of blockage after the formation of the grinding wheel clogged with models, plug the embedded attachment, adhesive type, mixed type. Different types of processing in different ways, for dealing with the first stages of the diamond portal already talked about, and not repeat them speak. As for clogged or must tap grinding temperature, grinding force, in order to reduce the thermal instability abrasive impact of the blockage, we still have to pay great attention to.
Short, the wheel size, the speed, including the speed of the workpiece, the cutting depth, will more or less affect blockage, only effective summed law in order to avoid as much as possible a series of problems appear in the grindstone processing.


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