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Thread grinding wheel dressing method
2012-09-25 by seoer10
Methods: turning dressing Law / hand repair, relying on the template style, shrink imitation ceremony automatic trimming
Brief Description: follow the example of turning single particles of diamond or diamond pen, car repair required toothed. Diamond sharp vertex angle of 70 ° -80 °. Diamond pen specifications can choose F100-4, F80-4, F60-4, F46-4, F36-4
The comparative advantages and disadvantages: ① modification long time, low-efficiency, the diamond knife not long-lived, need to feel grinding. ② shape modifications accuracy depends against the template and the moving parts of the manufacturing and mounting precision, and uniform motion. In the mass production is difficult to maintain the consistency of the toothed. (3) the cost of production is low
Scope: Use the most widely used for single-line and multi-line wheel dressing applied to the ball screw and ball nut, acme screw, small batch production
Method: metal rollers squeeze trimming
Brief description: the grinding wheel china  material CrWMn, hardness 65HRC, open several flutes rollers. Roll repair grinding wheel to reduce speed, wheel driven wheel synchronous rotation, wheel by squeezing the wheel surface abrasive crushing it off.
The comparative advantages and disadvantages: the metal roller is easy to manufacture, low cost, thread grinder grinding wheel reduction gear device is required. The high profile accuracy is lower than the diamond wheel grinding workpiece surface roughness modification. Metal wheel wear, lower life.
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