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Brazing diamond tools applications
2012-12-09 by seoer10
Diamond braze exist many urgent solution Difficulties: ① claim solder with good wettability and bonding strength of the diamond and the carcass; ② brazing the selection of materials and the brazing process to ensure the stability of the diamond, in order to reduce or avoid the erosion of the brazing material on the diamond; ③ due to thermal expansion coefficient difference of the diamond and the metal substrate, and thus the welding residual stress is also large, reducing the strength of the joint; ④ solder melting point higher than the working temperature of the diamond tool, it should be sought the lower melting point and the diamond expansion coefficient close to the metal (alloy) material as the brazing material, and then consider of some active elements in order to improve the wettability of the diamond and affinity to both bonded diamond and can meet the carcass mechanical properties purposes.abrasive tools, In addition, the diamond surface metallization way to achieve matching and selection of the surface of the metal solder flux and gas medium selection key technologies needed to further mature and optimized.
Use efficiency and lifetime of diamond tools in addition to depending on diamond grit embedded as strong, with the wear resistance of the carcass. Carcass strength level, the distribution state of the diamond in the carcass, the concentration of the diamond and so interested in the wear resistance of the carcass impact, therefore, how the carcass reach the ideal state in future work noteworthy problem.cutting wheel
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