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A brief Flap wheel
2013-11-25 by seoer3
For a variety of irregular surfaces with ordinary plane grinding , descaling and polishing. Stainless steel is widely used in automotive manufacturing, heavy machinery , shipbuilding, aluminum, metal and decoration industries. Metal surface polishing or hole grinding industry has an excellent effect.
Hundred leaves , thousands of blades
Similar product features , except that the number of leaves is different, a different range. There brown corundum , silicon carbide and other materials of the points. Different materials have different functions. Corundum for general metal , carbon steel, alloy steel , stainless steel, cast iron , non-ferrous metals such as weld grinding , sanding metal stamping burrs . In addition to the metal surface paint , rust , etc. Silicon carbide is dedicated to non-ferrous metals such as polishing and grinding, grinding , copper, aluminum , plastic, wood, bamboo , leather, glass , stone and other non-metallic surfaces . Steel sheet steel louver page paper tray as the base resin layer gauze fabric is cut with a disc-shaped resin adhesive made ​​a coated abrasives . Suitable for stainless steel and non-metallic such as grinding plastics, wood and other surfaces , metal surface rust, paint and so on. Thousands of grinding wheel suitable for a variety of irregular surfaces with ordinary plane , descaling and polishing. Widely used in stainless steel , automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery , shipbuilding, aluminum, metal and decoration industries. Hole in the metal industry, polishing or grinding with excellent results. Shank style round metal cover page page round shank type resin bonded , corundum is sand scaly soft gauze hanging on a steel shaft combination. It is versatile and suitable for almost any product . Which can stalk type material into rounds and rubber core , live axle , wheel stalk sand page . Surface Mounted complex plastic thin cutting wheel  for metal and nonmetal page , the deep throw run- finishing , especially for grinding on uneven surfaces and side polishing . Live axle wheel stalk main page elasticity, high tensile bending , grinding capacity, high efficiency . Flower page round main features are ; low noise , the end of life can get lasting surface finish effects, cold mill processing, excellent surface finish effects. Vertical rounds with a resin adhesive bonded into abrasive products for non-ferrous metals , wood polishing and sanding.
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