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Stone maintenance importance , timeliness
2013-12-11 by seoer3
1 . Necessity
Whether it is a new stone, or refurbished thin cutting wheel , and put to use as the normal passage of time , the stone will become increasingly severe wear their luster getting lower and lower .
2 . Timeliness
If necessary to achieve the desired level through timely maintenance in order , if the maintenance gloss decrease of more than ability to recover ? Can not achieve recovery levels. Second, proper maintenance methods
Properly maintained method is not exceeded in the stone gloss decrease maintenance measures before recovery capabilities for the timely adoption and maintenance process , after the completion of its gloss Reply basic maintenance to achieve the original level , the stone long-term lasting as new, is an ideal use.
Causes rust can generally be divided into two types :
Genesis is a rust from iron contained copies of the stone itself . Generally speaking , each of which contains iron stone itself many ingredients , when after the rain and stone iron parts in contact , it will slowly form rust, this rust more difficult to remove , will take a longer time to process , You can use off forest KL608 strong descaling agent, has an exceptionally strong permeability , can penetrate the stone surface porosity to ensure the thoroughness of cleaning can effectively remove rust and do not harm the stone , to avoid the use of industrial or other corrosive acid and hydrogen peroxide , otherwise it will be self-defeating . The most important thing is how to prevent rust regeneration, the most effective method is then treated for rust protection to prevent further infiltration of moisture inside the stone , remove rust regeneration.
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