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Monolayer brazed diamond wheel
2012-10-18 by seoer10

In order to fully display the diamond effect, to the idea of ??increasing the binder holding force on the diamond and progress of the grinding wheel bond strength. Monolayer temperature brazing superabrasive wheel can overcome the shortcomings of electroplated grinding wheel, can be achieved diamond, binding agents, chemical metallurgical bonding between the metal base body of the three having a high bonding strength, only the thickness of the bonding layer is to maintain the height of 20% of the abrasive firmly hold on to 30% will be able to load high-speed and efficient grinding abrasive grinding wheel abrasive bare brazing height of up to 70% to 80%, thus increasing the chip space, difficult to plug the grinding wheel, abrasive more fully take advantage of .

Electroplated grinding wheel the same processing premise, single-layer high temperature brazing grinding force of cutting wheel, power loss, cooler grinding means to achieve higher speed, ultra-high-speed grinding over this 300 ~ 500m / s has a special significance. Single-layer high temperature brazing coated diamond grinding wheel plus Cr silver based solder monolayer brazed wheel using high-frequency induction brazing method, added CrAg-Cu alloy as solder, 780 ° C in air the brazing 35s, natural cooling, can be securely connected between diamond and steel substrate. Found by X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis, Cr3C2, Cr and diamond is formed between (FexCry) C, and is formed between the steel substrate with a brazing material without Cr comparative experiment confirmed that this alloy layer and the diamond and steel have higher bonding strength between the main factors in the base body, and grinding experiment proved by diamond indeed high gripping strength.

The low temperature of the brazing process strengths, small diamond injury. Drawback silver-based brazing material with lower melting point, wear poor cutting High Functional efficient Grinding application restrictions.

Ni-Cr alloy monolayer brazing wheel Global diamond brazing process: First the oxyacetylene torch base steel body on the flame-sprayed layer of Ni-Cr alloy layer, this layer of the active metal can be used as solder directly brazed diamond abrasive grains, 1080 ° C argon, then induction brazing 30s.

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