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What is the diamond wheel
2012-10-18 by seoer10

The diamond abrasive grains as the raw material, respectively, with the metal powder, a resin powder, ceramic, and the plated metal as a binding agent, to prepare a variety of shaped articles, for grinding, polishing, grinding tools called diamond abrasive wheel, Whetstone ( honing stones), drill, according to the tools, powdered amendments tools, cutting wheel, hand tools (rasp class), bur, carving tools, Whetstone, internal and external circular cutting blade, circular grinding wheel knife, glass cutter, turning tools, woodworking The disk saw blades. Diamond grinding wheels, diamond saw blade is the most widely used.

Diamond grindstone is generally composed by three parts of the working layer, substrate, buffer layer. Working layer, also known as a diamond layer, composed by the abrasives, binding agents and fillers, is the working portion of grinding wheel; transition layer, also known as non-diamond layer by the binding agent, a metal powder and a filler composition, is the diamond layer is firmly connected to the the base body portion; substrate, for receiving the abrasive layer, and when used with the flange firmly to the grindstone holder, the matrix itself should not affect its rigidity and strength under conditions as more light as possible on the grinding spindle, Usually a metal binding agent products choice of steel, alloy steel powder for the substrate, a resin binder products use aluminum alloy, electric wood substrate. The quality of the molding and use the level of accuracy with matrix. Therefore, the substrate should have a geometric shape and dimensions accuracy and surface roughness requirements.

Characteristics include the diamond abrasive poise type, particle size, concentration, binding agent and the shape size of the diamond grindstone.

The use of diamond grinding wheel: due to the unique characteristics of the diamond abrasive (high hardness, high compressive strength, wear resistance), the diamond wheel ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and carbide grinding high efficiency, high precision and roughness wheel consumption, long service life, and also to improve the working conditions. It is widely used in ordinary wheel hard to process the low iron content of the metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials, such as cemented carbide, alumina ceramic, optical glass, agate gemstone, semiconductor materials, stone.

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