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Used abrasive CBN wheel is divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide) CBN grinding wheels and abrasive man superhard abrasive (diamond and cubic boron nitride);
Separating agent can be divided into ceramic CBN grinding wheel, resin CBN grinding wheel, rubber CBN grinding wheel, metal CBN morphology can be divided into the flat shaped CBN grinding wheel, bevel CBN grinding wheel, cylindrical CBN grinding wheel, cup-shaped CBN wheel dish CBN grinding wheel; cutting wheel. CBN wheel of the nature of the main parameters the abrasive, viscosity, hardness, a separating agent, morphology, size and so on.
CBN grinding wheels collective work at high speed, before use should be discontinued reversal Zhanzhuan fulfill (CBN grinding wheel protection at the highest speed, not even together) and static balance performance (prevention caused by machine vibration). CBN grinding wheel in after work for some work, should be discontinued trimmed recovery grinding Kushou and accurate dash of much better form.
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Diamond ultra-thin cutting discs are widely used in a variety of crystal, ceramic, glass and alloys, semiconductors, integrated circuits, circuit board (PCB) industry for quality control, failure analysis, as well as basic materials, suitable for a variety of import and domestic precision cutting machine. It includes a circular substrate and placed in the middle of the end of the circular periphery of the substrate of diamond thin cutting wheel work with ultra-thin diamond cutting disc for thin metal disc carrier surrounding cover to diamond cutting abrasive ring. Diamond thin cutting abrasive ring is made of metal or resin and abrasive processing under heat and pressure bonded together; metal and abrasive machining bonded together cut sheets at high temperature durability, suitable for low-speed or a high speed cutting operation; resin with abrasive machining bonded together under heat and pressure the cutting discs cutting generate less heat, suitable for precision cutting or cutting disc, hard, brittle specimen. Typically used for high speed cutting operation. Work needed and silicon carbide (SIC) Whetstone and cutting coolant used in conjunction.

Main features:
The ultra-thin blade, high precision, long life. Diamond saw blades are working to bring multiple chip removal structure each Paixie constructed both sides to form the cutting edge of the side, bring in the diamond cutting discs has multiple chip removal structure allows coolant a large number of fast flowing, thereby improving the cooling effect, and thereby extend the service life. Cut down sediment debris concentrated in multiple Paixie construct with fast water washed away in a timely manner, in order to greatly enhance the capacity of the sediment discharge cuttings, cutting disc rotating smoothly, easily Operating feel. Use the constructor both side edges formed by cutting the sheet side edge of each Paixie cutting can greatly improve the cutting speed.

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