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How to apply modern cutting technology to improve the efficiency of processing it? From the following aspects:

First, in recent years, the rapid development of cutting technology an important sign of the rapid progress of the continuous improvement of the performance of the tool material and coating technology, especially wide range of large carbide material, turning, milling indexable inserts . Tool newly developed carbide insert grades like springing, varieties throughout the various areas of cutting. Usually the introduction of a new brand of cutting efficiency can be increased by 20% to 30%, some even as high as 100%. Therefore a comprehensive look at the long-term use of the old material, the elimination of part of the old number, new material, new grades instead, especially for coated grades uncoated grades, improve processing efficiency can receive an immediate effect.

Followed by the rapid development of a new tool structure, and also has an important role to improve the processing efficiency. Sandvik Coromant's new CoroDrill880 carbide indexable shallow hole drilling, has made significant improvements in the structure of the tool (film), compared with original shallow hole drilling, the feed rate or cutting speed can be increased nearly doubled, processing efficiency can be increased by about 70%, and you can get a better machining accuracy and surface quality. Another example is the Harbin Steam Turbine Plant in the production of China's first 600,000 kilowatts supercritical steam turbine unit encountered the problem of large diameter deep hole machining, traditional holemaking tools processing each hole to 6.7 hours, cutting disc and will not be able to complete the processing tasks . Later, the plant uses a composite of Kennametal drill each hole machining time of just 0.5 hours, reducing the processing time by about 93%, about 200 deep hole machining task did not complete the original 40 days, 5 days completed. Visible enterprises should actively take advantage of the wealth of advanced tool resources to improve processing efficiency or solve processing problems encountered in the production, and take this opportunity to continuously improve the level of cutting technology and the application of the tool.stone cutting wheel

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The purchase of pneumatic hose should note the following four aspects: 1. Pipe material: PU tube, Nylon tube, the inside of the tube diameter size: customary to the outer diameter of the tube as the size of the pipe, commonly known as "pass diameter. " The public commonly referred to as DN is not the same thing, the user purchase should pay special attention to. 3 the uniformity of the thickness of the tube, the tube uneven work easy for leaks abrasive manufacture . The wall thickness of the tube should be considered used in pipe joints in the form of an optional hose clamp fittings and card sets of pipe joints should pay attention to the tube diameter size; should pay attention to the outside of the tube non woven abrasive , the use of plug-in tube fittings diameter size
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