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What is a diamond wheel
2012-11-28 by seoer10

Dongguan diamond grinding wheel is the most famous. As the industry's rapid exhibitions Dongguan diamond grinding wheel demand is constantly expanding. Diamond grinding wheel Name: Diamond Bruting wheel ?. Alias ??"Diamond playing side of the grinding wheel, 1A1 parallel ceramic diamond grinding wheel. Dongguan diamond grinding wheel belongs to a vitrified bond diamond wheel, is widely used in the processing of diamonds, and the name is derived come.
Dongguan diamond wheel for natural diamond polished, it can replace the polycrystalline diamond (PDC), rough diamonds. Have the common characteristics of the diamond and vitrified bond, compared with the ordinary corundum, silicon carbide abrasive grinding power grinding temperature is relatively low, abrasive wear is relatively small; role can be adapted to a variety of coolant; The grinding abrasive shape maintaining high precision grind the workpiece; larger pores within the abrasive grinding conducive chip removal and cooling, clogging, and difficult to burn the workpiece. Natural diamond resources are scarce, so most of the use of artificial diamonds sand.cutting wheel

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