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Visual inspection of the tool
2013-01-09 by seoer10

Automatic machining line, some of the replacement tool by tool management sector adjustment is completed, but the the spatula departments sometimes may appear negligence, to say the processing line tool is very similar, believe it could lead to the tune tool appears to take wrong phenomenon, in order to do a good job the last time before the trial cutting checks to prevent the processing of the first pieces of scrap, then deal with the tool to do the following work:

Spatula before checking the new tool. The operator according to the processing conditions (processing size, processing and roughness of the workpiece) and tool set life decided to swap the tool. Machining automatic processing line in accordance with the requirements of the processed products, a wide range of cutting tools with composed and all links are likely to bump tool, metal cutting wheel,adjust the tool operating on errors, and so are not the same, so check the contents of the various tool. My factory V6 cylinder line processing line where the visual inspection of the contents of the five tools:

Drill tool:

a. whether the calibration stickers vouchers;
b. whether the size of the spatula is 144.00mm;
c. HSK shank bump traces;abrasive wheel
d grinding tool is normal (main cutting edge white line, the chisel width 0.80mm, the vice behind Alice prime);
e HSK coolant to take over the installation or loose

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