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The type of cutting tool coating technology
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Coating technology for cutting tools are divided into two categories PVD (physical coating) and CVD (chemical coating). PVD is divided into the vacuum coating, sputtering and ion plating. Coating technology used in the cutting tool when the treatment temperature of the CVD process close to 1000 ℃, having a sharp tip of the cutting tool, such high temperatures will reduce tool matrix hardness, easy to cause deformation and breakage; vacuum coating, and cathode sputtering process the presence of the main problem is that the lower the bonding strength of the coating and the substrate; ion plating to obtain a high bonding strength of the coating in order to lower processing temperatures, and is well suited for the cutting tool.
The cutter blade is preferably

Cutting performance of the blade to improve efficiency, reduce the cost of the tool. Domestic Zhuzhou, Zigong, hard,grinding wheel, Shaanxi hard famous blade manufacturer M2 YS25, SC30, YT535, YG546, YG532, P25, Y330, Y320 and many other laboratory test cut and leaf processing in production, test kinds of insert grades, test Hitachi CY250 HC844, the Mitsubishi UP20M F620, Walter WTA51, WTL71 Sandvik 4030,235, Kennametal K68, Iscar IC328 company more than 10 kinds of brands, preferably Eastman card and Hitachi blade, the waveform edge Groove IC328 blade roughing better, the CY250 semi-finish milling, precision milling is better. Two blades prices low, and excellent durability.cut off wheel

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