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The alloy saw the role
2013-01-29 by seoer10
Alloy saw: also called carbide saw blade), is open in a the processed molding and heat treatment after circular thin steel sheet (substrate) on a number of teeth, and the tooth portions inlaid carbide tips a circular saw blade in the hole, through the center of the substrate, mounted on the rotating spindle, the chuck clamping, rotating cutting work.
Carbide saw blades: by using the occasion can be divided into hand tools - power tools - professional use with circular saw blades, machinery and equipment (table saw, grinding wheel,sliding table saws, precision saws, woodworking machinery, etc.) type of circular saw blades, high precision professional precision than power tools. Its price is high.
Aluminum alloy blade: also known as cut aluminum blade), mainly used for cutting aluminum extrusions,cutting wheel, aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum radiators and other non-ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials are difficult to machine materials, thus cutting performance special accuracy requirements, require the targeted design, manufacturing.
Woodworking saw blades: is alloy saw blade, carbide saw blades) used in woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry, dedicated to cutting all kinds of soft and hard solid wood, MDF, fiberboard, particleboard, bamboo such blade commonly known.
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