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Appropriate tool
2013-02-27 by seoer10

Is not easy to define the appropriate tool for a certain processing tasks. Many cases depending on the batch size of the workpiece and the actual processing of complexity
One approach is based on the process to be completed to perfect adjustment tool. Doing so the need to consider all the variables used as efficiently as possible to ensure the effective processing time for each step (the actual processing time). This method is disadvantageous in that requires a wide range of different tool. This will increase the downtime (machine / tool to adjust the time), to effectively reduce the available time. Briefly, this method provides a shorter effective time, but very idealized.abrasive wheel

Another method is to use a general-purpose tool. This approach will reduce the downtime (less), thereby increasing the effective time available for the adjustment and maintenance of the tool. However, the effective time of use is not very efficient, because the tool is in the process does not achieve the best adjustment.abrasive manufacture

The best method would be the mixing of the two alternatives. A practical application is feasible only through "analog": compare alternatives, determine the time and decide which method is the best overall solution.

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