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Electroplated grinding wheel Brief Analysis
2012-10-21 by seoer10

Grinding wheel such a material often used in our life, then this kind of material electroplated grinding wheel whether it has what phase An analysis? For more information, see the following description.
The electroplated grinding wheel due to using a single layer or double layer structure, and therefore have a high grinding efficiency, suitable for dry grinding, wet grinding two methods, and other advantages, and so there is now widely used. The electroplated diamond abrasive products are widely used in the optical elements of glass, glass, tempered glass, glass optical lens, optical prism, electroplating CBN products with electroplated diamond products complement each other, it is the most suitable for the machining of hard and tough difficult to machine materials, including high vanadium high speed steel, tool steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant nickel alloy high hardness, high-temperature black metal materials. Electroplated grinding wheel for phone glass, watches fiber, semiconductors,DC wheel, magnetic materials, carbide, glass, ceramics, gems, stone, FRP such as molding, edging down side, cutting, drilling, as well as the automotive industry, geological drilling industry, machining industry, construction industry, arts and crafts and daily necessities industry, the aerospace industry hard and brittle and difficult to machine materials. Brief Analysis on electroplated grinding wheelBrief Analysis process.

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