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High speed cutting tool holder system
2012-10-22 by seoer10

Machining centers and CNC machine tools had been used the traditional 7:24 solid taper shank tools shank rely cone combined, lower connecting rigid shank and spindle, spindle speed exceeds 10000r/min coupled rigid insufficient more apparent. For of using ATC shank tool changing after each tool change, the radial size of the abrasive tools may change, there are repeat positioning accuracy and low. To solve these problems, primarily to improve the standard 7:24 shank. HSK Shank inspired 7:24 shank new connection technology in recent years, such as Japan's Nikken Company and Daishowa company developed three of contact (3LOCKSYSTEM) and double-sided (BIGPLUS) 2 7: 24 joins the shank. Compared with a standard 7:24 shank, they have a higher coupling rigidity and precision can be used for high-speed efficient cutting, and also compatible with the the existing 7:24 shank or machine 7:24 shank future direction of development, in addition to transform the the standard 7:24 shank structure, used mainly the new HSK Shank and KM shank.

HSK Shank is a new type of high-speed tapered shank interface uses simultaneous positioning of the cone and the end face 2 face, the knife handle in the given shorter taper length, is conducive to the realization tool change of light and high-speed face orientation completely eliminate axial positioning error may also be our domestic factory tool manufacturing development direction of high-speed, high finishing. High-speed tool spindle connection technology with advances in technology in the future will also continue development of new concept shank - HSK, KM, 3LOCK, BIGPLUS etc. shank has been further improved and perfected. The cutting wheel spindle and connection technology development direction is:

(1) using a two-sided positioning system;

(2) clamping high precision clamping rigidity, compact structure;

(3) shank with balance and damping device;

(4) development of multifunctional and intelligent shank.

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