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Diamond ultra-thin cutting disc of the main factors to consider in the design of single crystal diamond tool: accuracy requirements of the parts to be processed; ② actual processing conditions; ③ diamond material characteristics.

Design of single crystal diamond abrasive tools should follow the following principles: due to the high hardness of single crystal diamond processing difficulties, so the shape of the tool should be as simple as possible; ② based on single-crystal diamond brittleness and poor impact resistance, and should be read in conjunction with the actual processing conditions, tool geometry optimization, to improve the the head impact resistance; ③ precision machined parts to design the length of the wiper, the ability of the tool should be considered at the same time cut thin.

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Before cutting wheel installed carefully checked to confirm whether the cutting wheel deformation, cracks, chipping.

When the flange is too small or poor accuracy, easy to damage the cutting wheel, please use after improvements.

3 when marked with a direction of rotation of the cutting wheel, it is necessary to be consistent with the machine rotary direction. Opposite the cut is not sharp, it is difficult to play to the performance of the cutting wheel.

If you are cutting the workpiece does not match the cutting disc, prone to unusual wear, poor sharpness, abnormal heating.

5 cutting process abnormal, should be shut down immediately.

When the cut is not sharp, grinding wheel dressing the blade. If you continue to use the overheating overload leaving the grinding wheel breakage.

7. Grinding wheel, non-hand operation for cutting more hand and body contact grinding wheel.

Cutting wheel is strictly prohibited for grooving or cut off the outside of the job, to avoid uneven force an exception occurs.

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