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The DP alloy successful applications prompted many domestic scholars lack carbide carbon carburizing technology to carry out exploration and research. Powder Metallurgy Factory of Central South University, Simon Chow and Sun Baoqi, State Key Laboratory for Powder Metallurgy Yang Wei Cai, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide factory Qin Weijian, etc. In recent years, a gradient structure Carbide lack carbide carbon carburizing technology has been successfully prepared, and get more good cobalt phase composition changes gradient. SUN Xu, on the basis of the lack of carbon carbide carburizing,roloc disc, carbon-rich potential sintering process, a one-time gradient structure of cemented carbide sintering prepared. First formulated far below normal the carbon content of WC-Co alloy is mixed, and then the carbon-rich potential sintered surface high carbon potential, the internal low carbon potential of the carbon gradient is formed so that the sample from the table to inside. Thus, in the liquid-phase sintering stage into the surface of the first liquid phase and an internal liquid phase appears after, and the amount of liquid phase of the surface is more than the amount of the internal liquid to form a liquid phase between the alloy surface and internal pressure differential Co phase mass migration from the table to form a reasonable composition gradient. The experimental results show that the carbon-rich potential sintering process can be prepared by a high surface hardness, cutting wheel,wear resistance, high internal strength, good toughness gradient structure Carbide. Marina Tongchun DC plasma jet CVD method found in the carbide surface deposition of diamond film, chemical etching treatment carbide surface WC particles generated after plasma etching decarburization pure W crystal axis like small tablets, followed by the deposition of diamond films carbide outer surface to form a small layer of WC from table to inside the WC particle size and binder phase Co content was increasing gradient distribution. New plasma surface modification technology is being adopted to carry out the carbide surface in situ gradient, has made breakthroughs in nano-modification treatment system work. Surface to achieve in situ, after processing by the new plasma modification composite, YG-based cemented carbide (WC-3% ~ 25% Co) WC Nano refinement, the the subgrain average size of 20 to 30nm, the average grain size of 80 to 100nm; WC-20% ~ 25% Fe / Co / Ni steel bonded carbide surface WC average subgrain size 20 ~ 30nm, the average grain size of 100 ~~ 120nm.

Hefei University of Chengji Gui Xia Yonghong, Dalian Carbide Factory Sun Mingjun using powder stratified hot pressing or sintering method has been prepared the gradient structure Carbide, the results show that the gradient structure carbide has good mechanical properties.

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Mixed reaction produced by high elasticity and high strength rubber material with a very sharp aluminum oxide, silicon carbide. Relatively 10S series 9R series of polishing abrasive hardness abrasive polishing hard grinding power, high grinding efficiency and long life characteristics. Its polishing weaker than the 10S series polishing abrasive teach hard,DC wheel, therefore, it has the grinding power, high grinding efficiency and long life characteristics. Polishing abrasive polishing weaker than 10S series.abrasive wheel

Typical glass edge processing: diamond rough grinding wheel - Diamond Diamond fine grinding wheel - 9R series of polishing abrasive.

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