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Calculated in accordance with the parameters you give: now amount per revolution pass 0.08mm; line speed 43.9mm/min; single piece processing time of about 1.05 minutes; cutting wheel,processing efficiency is too low, you can increase the line speed, did not affect its CBN blade life (per revolution pass amount remains unchanged).
In summary, the feed rate of 8 silk per turn, you can. The line speed can be set to 60-150mm/min, so you each edge of the blade may be processed to 1000. You can use coolant (non-water-based); the blade blunt to determine the technological requirements of the standard dimensional tolerances and roughness, abrasive roll,tool manufacturers will give you the number of approved unit price processing.
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⒈ blade if not used immediately, it should be flat or inner hole suspension, not stack other items or foot flat on the saw blade, and pay attention to moisture-proof, grinding wheel,anti-rust.
⒉ when the saw blade is no longer sharp cutting surface roughness, must be promptly re-grinding. Grinding can not change the original point of view, and the destruction of dynamic balance.
⒊ saw blade diameter correction, positioning hole processing must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is bad, it will affect the effect of product use, and may be dangerous, cutting wheel,reaming principle it can exceed the original aperture 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of the stress.
keywords:velcro disc
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