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The blade server how
2013-01-27 by seoer10
Blade servers over the years has been fixed data center equipment, but now the situation has subtle changes, some strange factors forced many companies to replace the blade server rack server. In fact, these factors may presage the design concept of the entire data center is changing.
Blade servers
Prompted blade server to go extinct is an important factor in the rapid spread of server virtualization, velcro disc,although most modern blade server has the ability to host virtual machine (VM), but some simple economic, hardware and network factors of the blade server now virtual data Center unattractive.
For many companies, the economic situation to motivate them to adopt server virtualization technology. In reality, the server hardware resources are often not fully utilized virtualization through better and more fully utilize existing hardware, you can save more cost for the organization (and extend the life cycle of hardware investment).abrasive wheel
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